Gallery Volunteer

What is a Gallery Volunteer?

This summer, Callendar House is hosting an exciting exhibition – Gladiators: a cemetery of secrets, on loan from the renowned Jorvick Centre in York. The exhibition showcases skeletal remains of six men, all of whom were decapitated and suffered injuries prior to death, and were buried in a cemetery alongside other Roman-age material in York. Recent research has uncovered more about who these men were, where they came from, how they died and evidence suggests that they were Gladiators active in Northern Britain.

We are inviting individuals to share their passion for history and/or the arts and join us as Gallery Volunteers for this  exciting opportunity volunteering at a World Heritage Site. Gallery Volunteers will help us engage our visitors with this special exhibition of the suspected Gladiators, which will be shown for the first time in Scotland at Callendar House. Volunteers will meet and greet visitors and provide informal tours or information about the displays. All volunteers will be trained accordingly and will truly add that extra spark to this exciting new exhibition!

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain specialist insight into the operations of a historic building and exhibitions programming at a world heritage site
  • Work experience in a museum/visitor attraction/customer service environment
  • Skills development opportunities in teamwork, confidence building, communication, etc.
  • Opportunity to share your passion for history and meet like-minded people
  • Gain knowledge about Roman history and archaeology and their impact on the UK
  • Contributing to the support of your local community cultural/museum services
  • The possibility of continued development opportunities for those interested in continuing their volunteering within the Trust’s cultural services

What’s involved?

  • Interaction with visitors to the temporary exhibitions spaces
  • Provide and share information about the exhibition, Callendar House, and upcoming events/exhibitions
  • Encourage visitors of all ages to use the handling objects and interactives on offer in the exhibition space
  • Supervise the collections on display
  • Supervise visitor entry to restricted exhibition spaces

    Skills, Attitude, and Experience Required
  • This role is ideal for those seeking to develop experience for a tourism, heritage, museum, marketing, or
    event management career.
  • Ideally, you will have some experience of presenting to/engaging with visitors/customers
    Ability to gauge visitor interest and engagement with the exhibition in order to balance the levels/depths of communication
  • The ability and willingness to communicate with all ages of visitors and adjust communication accordingly to suit visitor interest/age
  • Happy to work with a team of volunteers and communicate with a wider team of staff at Callendar House via face-to-face and radio interactions

Other important information

Location: Callendar House, Falkirk, FK1 1YR

Time Commitment: Must be able to commit to one 3.5 hour shift every week throughout the length of the exhibition at Callendar House (18 May to 6 October). The day of volunteering is flexible and we are happy to work with you availability. There will also be 2 days of mandatory training prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Contact: Anna Mayhew, Cultural Coordinator
01324 590969

Training: Mandatory training will be provided to all volunteers to develop knowledge of the exhibition, the operations of an exhibition, and standard practice for engaging with visitors. An introduction to Callendar House will be provided, covering Health and Safety Awareness and radio etiquette. Introductory and refresher training on communication skills relevant for visitor attractions will also be provided.

Expenses: Travel expenses will be provided upon request up to an amount of £2.80 per volunteering shift, as per the Volunteering Policy. Volunteers must provide receipt of travel (e.g. bus ticket).

How to apply

Please complete the online application form here.

If you require a hard copy, please contact the Volunteer
Coordinator at or phone 01324 503 614.

This role is purely voluntary and this arrangement is not meant to be a legally binding one or an employment contract.

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