Mountain Training Scotland

Lowland Leader Award

The Lowland Leader Award is ideal for teachers, community workers; those involved with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme – in fact anyone who wants to lead summer walking groups in lowland countryside and woodland. As with all Mountain Training Schemes there is no altitude limit to the remit of the award, “lowland” refers to the sort of landscape you will be operating in, i.e. fields and woodlands where there are clear paths on the map and on the ground. The training course looks at route-finding skills, an understanding of hazards and risk management, leadership techniques and an appreciation of equipment needs and the impact of the weather. There is an optional Expedition Skills module available for candidates who wish to move on to leading camping trips and supervising groups on backpacking expeditions.

Like other National Governing Body Awards the pathway to certification involves getting some personal experience, attending a training course, consolidating your learning, completing an assessment, and then continuing to develop these skills as a Lowland Leader. The length of time it takes to become a Lowland Leader depends on how much experience you already have. We recommend at least three months between training and assessment, and if it takes you a few years to feel ready, that’s fine too. The Lowland Leader Award can be used anywhere in the UK when you are in appropriate terrain.

Candidates must register direct with Mountain Training prior to training.

Lowland leader award: Training
Dates: 6 - 7 April 2019, 22-23 June 2019, 7-8 September 2019 & 16-17 November 2019.
Cost: £125

Lowland Leader Award – Assessment
Dates: 27-28 April 2019 & 2-3 November 2019
Cost £135

Expedition Skills Module
Please contact our office for dates and more information
Cost: £125

Hill & Moorland Leader Award

The Hill and Moorland Leader award is designed for people who want to lead groups in the hill and moorland areas of the UK and Ireland. This award is a wonderful opportunity to learn the leadership skills required to feel confident about taking people out walking. As you may have guessed from the descriptive title of this award, it focuses on non-mountainous terrain. In a previous life this award was called the Walking Group Leader, and we think the new name better describes the award and makes more sense. This way, everyone knows where they (can) stand. The ‘overnight experience’ element of the WGL has been removed and we’ve created a separate Expedition Skills Module which can be ‘bolted on’ to the Hill and Moorland Leader (or indeed the Lowland Leader) if you want to increase the scope of your award to include multi-day expeditions.

Candidates must register direct with Mountain Training prior to training.

Hill & Moorland Leader Award: Training
22-24 May 2019, 21-23 June 2019, 6-8 September 2019 & 15-17 November 2019
Cost: £195

Hill & Moorland Leader Award: Assessment
26-28 April 2019 % 1-3 November 2019
Cost: £225

Mountain Leader Award

The original mountain leadership qualification is now over 50 years old! The Mountain Leader award is the benchmark for anyone wishing to lead groups in the mountains. Through a six day training course and five day assessment, complimented by your own walking experience, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to safely lead groups in mountainous terrain. This award is suitable for anyone wishing to take people walking in the mountains.

Candidates must register direct with Mountain Training prior to training

Mountain Leader Award: Training
Cost £330

Week-long courses
7-12 May 2019 % 22-27 October 2019

Split weekend courses
7-9 June 2019 & 15-17 June 2019
27-29 September 2019 & 05-07 October 2019

Mountain Biking

Formerly known as the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC), Cycling UK has championed cycling for 140 years. They promote all forms of cycling, protect the interests of existing and wouldbe cyclists, and inspire people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover the joys of cycling. As well as supporting their members, they also play a prominent campaigning role, fighting to defend cyclists’ rights for safer roads, better infrastructure and legal protection. Cycling UK offer a range of training courses that are designed to support groups and
individuals to develop their skills in leading and cycling instruction. Falkirk Community Trust have an accredited tutor who can deliver the following courses:

Mountain Bike Trail Leader

Mountain biking is one of the most accessible and enjoyable introductions to group cycling. Cycling UK’s Mountain Bike Trail Leader course enables you to lead groups on gentle terrain less than 600m above sea level and without the need for riders to steer a path around
obstacles. The course includes tuition for your own off-road skills, and assessment of your new-found skills.

  • Lead groups of adults, young people and children on rides
  • Manage groups with a range of riding experience
  • Prepare for rides, anticipate and minimise safety factors
  • Develop and apply risk assessments, operating procedures and dynamic risk management
  • Provide fun, engaging and developmental sessions for your participants
  • Understand access rights across the UK and beyond
  • Complete and review rides, using self reflective principles

Mountain Bike Leader: Night Ride Module
Extend your remit to cover Night Rides the Night Ride Module covers the following:

  • Night Ride Planning and preparation
  • Night Riding Equipment
  • Leading Night rides
  • Navigation
  • Incident management
  • Training ride groups for night rides

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